Document Controller

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Document Controller

Role purpose:

Purpose of this role is to lead the Asset Information Management Team that follow best practices for engineering document management and to give professional support to the team activities. The team receives hand-over documents of all construction, equipment, and engineering during transition from Construction phase to Operations accordance with Oyu Tolgoi LLC standard and requirements, so as to disseminate factual information to other departments, keep document control registers and integrate relevant file database by DMS. Being responsible for DCS operation, developing their manuals and training materials, and for providing other engineering documentation teams with accurate engineering drawings, documents, and associated files.

 General requirements:                                    

  • Undergraduate or equivalent or higher education obtained through degrees or diplomas from academic college or universities.                                                                         
  • Business Administration or a discipline relevant to the performing function
  • Relevant experience typically achieved through vocational trainings and equivalent practical experience or on-the-job training.                                                                       
  • Understanding of Engineering Data Management system           

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide document control services such as Distribution of controlled documentation via Incoming and Outgoing Transmittals;
  •  Checking documents for correct document number, title, revision, status and approval signatures;
  •  Obtaining the required approval signatures on documents before issuing to Document Control;
  •  Daily loading of PCM and/or Vendor deliverables into EDM, ALIM system;
  •  Uploading of Native files into DMS and creation of Rendition files (includes handover documentation from PMC
  • Ensuring all documentation complies to OTLLC numbering and revision procedures;
  • Ensuring access rights and ALIM metadata is correct for both Parent and Rendition;
  • Revising the document/drawing and modifying metadata;
  • Organize the ALIM and MOC systems' training and assist the system users with technical support when required
  • Uploading Standards and Procedures into ALIM and Leading a Project Documentation Handover and archiving;
  •  Re-numbering of documents from different vendors into OT Document numbering codes with following uploading into DMS;
  •  Update and revise naming convention standards;
  •  Monitor ALIM and MOC systems, eliminate errors on the systems and have faults fixed
  •  Provide documents and drawings by demand to departments or groups;
  •  Initiate innovation to improve production efficiency and reduce production expense and cost;
  •  Explain complex ideas and technical systems to end-users and stakeholders using written and verbal communication skills;
  •  Report documentation progress to stakeholders.
  •  Assist in developing a safety culture whilst ensuring that all work undertaken in areas of responsibility comply with existing safety legislation and is in full compliance with applicable HSE standards.
  •  Complete or support team in delivering additional tasks or assignments as assigned by leaders

Deadline: 23-Jan
Role duration: 7 months from the start date                                                                                                                                  Work location: Ulaanbaatar                                                                                                                                                             If you are interested in this role please send your CV to  or call me at 88117896 for more information.